Family Dog Training 1

Class Description

Family Dog Training 1 – This class is geared for the adolescent period from 6-18 months, however dogs of any age are welcome and would benefit. Foundational skills are taught with a special emphasis on impulse control and focus, so necessary for the “teenage” dog. This is a skills level class. There is no beginning or end dates for this course. Stay as long as you like in order to build this very important step in your training.  Minimum enrollment is six classes.

Space Available


Join WAIT LIST  if class is full.


11:00 AM
12:00 PM

Mendocino Rec. Center parking lot


Prerequisite: Dogs must be 6 months or older

Price:  $20 per class


To reserve a place in our class, go to Contact Us and fill out your name and which class is requested. Be sure to leave your phone number so Elaine can contact you to confirm enrollment. Once enrolled, download and fill out the Application  to be brought to the first class. Forms are required for each dog enrolled. Above class fees are to be paid at the class.